What is Horizons?

Unlike conventional real estate brokerages, we specialize in project marketing and sales. We use proven techniques, strategies and programs to accelerate project sales at a lower cost per sale and improve the developer's profit margin.

Why Use Horizons? Realize the potential of your project through non-conventional sales and marketing strategies.

If you're tired of waiting for results, and incurring more cost through conventional sales, then you should take the opportunity to explore how we might be able to double, or even triple, your conversion rates and put more money into your pocket faster. Not only that, but you will enjoy working with us and will be elated by our attention and dedication to your project.

Horizons offers a full range of marketing and sales services, ranging from early conceptual planning through sellout. If you already have a listing broker, we can help that broker increase sales and improve your margins.

Much of our success in real estate sales is attributable to our ability to effectively market and sell lifestyle. Lifestyle, more often than not, is the determining factor in the decision process for buyers. The staff at Horizons has many years of award-winning customer service experience. We ensure that your customers are treated to first-class service, whether it be a grand opening or a simple showing in a ballroom, on a mountain top, or in a model.

We save you valuable marketing and sales dollars.

We save the developer money by designing, producing, and purchasing through our industry partners. Horizons works with an international network of firms that specialize in providing access to an extensive, pre-qualified prospect base that can be segmented and targeted for any number of specific projects. By working with international and local firms, we can provide best value production of all sales tools--not only collateral materials, but models, doll houses, displays, etc.

We achieve additional, and often even more significant, savings through reduced carrying costs, better financing rates, and, in some cases, securing loans for the project.

Sales- It's what we're ultimately about!

Our customers are in the business of developing and selling real estate.

All of our efforts are focused on selling your project faster and more profitably than you have ever experienced or may have ever imagined.